Institute for Future Leaders with Global Awareness

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I ?
I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
                              Robert Frost

The Institute for Future Leaders with Global Awareness (IFL) is dedicated to the proposition that today’s students are tomorrow’s world leaders. Our mission is to broaden the experience of students by assisting them to study in other countries, thereby improving their global awareness through contact with other cultures, other people and a variety of ideas they might not encounter at home.


Who are we?
IFL is based in Kobe, Japan, and was founded in 2017 by educators with a combined experience totaling in many years


Samio Watanabe received his BA and MA in English from West Texas A&M University in the US. He taught English at Ashiya University in Hyogo, Japan, as a tenured English professor for 30 years. While teaching, he was involved in school administrative jobs including positions as vice-president, English department head and head of the International Exchange Center. He also compiled entrance examinations and student assessments. In addition to these jobs he has sent students overseas to universities and language schools. He served as a Deputy on the Board of Trustees (including a stint as acting head of the Board) at Marist International School in Kobe for about five years. He has now taken early retirement from Ashiya University to help launch our international exchange business for Japanese youth.


IFL’s programs are designed to offer a broad suite of services to students:


Elementary School Students’ Experience Program.
For children in the fifth and sixth grade accompanied by an IFL employee. This program takes place during summer break or spring break in Japan


Japanese Elementary School Teacher’s ESL Observation visit.
Seven to ten day visits to ESL programs during summer or spring break in Japan


High School and Junior High School Students’ Outreach Program.
An opportunity for Japanese high school and junior high school students to spend a short term, a semester or full school year studying in another country


University campus experience and language program.
Spend two to four weeks on a foreign university campus attending its language program


Assisting High School Graduates to Enter a Foreign College or University.
A program to improve language skills and overall academic skills and to assist students with applications for scholarships and admission to foreign universities.


Placement of Overseas Students in Japanese High Schools.
IFL is not just for Japanese students. We provide assistance with all aspects of the foreign students study experience in Japan including homestays and academic and language support.


Your opportunities:
For students, teachers, parents or anyone else interested in molding tomorrow’s world leaders, IFL is ready to design an experience in another country for your needs.


References upon request.


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